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               March 2014

"Music on the Orient Express"
a romantic musical journey across Europe

Some examples of programmes
from previous concerts ...
Reading:  'Your Seat is Waiting'             
          (A Night on the Orient Express)            Veronica Henry
PARIS - Under the Bridges of Paris               Vincent Scotto arr. M Hewitt
Gendarmes' Duet ('Genevieve de Brabant')    Jacques Offenbach
GERMANY - Drinking Song
            ('The Student Prince')                             Sigmund Romberg
Reading:   'Waving at Trains'                            Roger McGough
AUSTRIA - Bergvagabunden sind wir         Hans Kolesa
                        (Alpine Marching song)
VIENNA - Laudate Dominum                         W.A. Mozart
Piano SoloMoment Musical in F minor        Franz Schubert
An der schonen blauen Donau
             (The Blue Danube)                                 Johann Strauss
HUNGARY - See the Gypsies                       
           (Hungarian Folk Song)                            arr. Zoltan Kodaly
YUGOSLAVIA - Yugoslav Folk Songs:
The Unfaithful Lover;  Handsome Mirko/
Eighteen Shining Buttons;  Hussars                 arr. Matyas Seiber
Reading:  'To a Locomotive in Winter'             Walt Whitman
ROUMANIA -  Violin Solo:
Roumanian Folk Dances (I, IV, V & VI)            arr. Bela Bartok
Reading:  The Innocent Dream (1974)
        (Last Call for the Dining Car)                   Lee Langley
LONDON -  Old Father Thames                    Betsy O'Hogan arr. M Hewitt
ROME -   Italian Salad                                    Richard Genee
Three Coins in the Fountain                              Jule Styne arr. MH
VENICE -  O Primavera                                   Claudio Monteverdi
Piano SoloVenetian Gondola Song
in F sharp minor (Song Without Words)        Felix Mendelssohn
KRAKOW Violin Solo:
         Theme from 'Schindler's List'                   John Williams
ISTANBUL Piano SoloTurkish Rondo     W.A. Mozart
Reading:    Journey's End  (1974)
         (Last Call for the Dining Car)                  Lee Langley
Istanbul, not Constantinople                            Nat Simon
                      July 2014

                 a musical feast of
                   food and drink

The Teddy Bears' Picnic                            John Bratton (arr. Andrew Carter)
Strawberry Fair                                          English folk song
Solo:  Die Forelle (The Trout)                      Franz Schubert
When the Boat Comes In                            Northumberland folk song
The Goslings                                              Frederick Bridge
Solo:  Cherry Ripe                                     C.E. Horn (arr. Liza Lehmann)
Linstead Market                                         Jamaican folk song
The Coffee Song                                         Bob Hilliard & Dick Miles
Tequila Samba                                           Guy Turner
Italian Salad                                               Richard Genee (arr. C.E. Rowley)
Duet:  Tea for Two ('No, No, Nanette')           Vincent Youmans
Healthy Eating                                           Andrew Carter
Dance a Cachucha ('The Gondoliers')           W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes               English folk song
I Gave Her Cakes & I Gave Her Ale              Henry Purcell
            (3-part round)
Solo:  Madeira, M'dear?                             Michael Flanders & Donald Swann
Reading:  Excerpt from 'The Outing'           Dylan Thomas
Drinking Song ('The Student Prince')            Sigmund Romberg
Country House Dinner Party;                      Michael Hurd
       English Table Etiquette
Banquet Fugue                                          John Rutter
Solo with chorus:  Mrs Hooligan's             Irish Street Song
                    Christmas Cake
Wassail  (Five English Folk Songs)             freely arr. R.Vaughan Williams
Ching-a-Ring Chaw                                    Old American mistrel song
                                                                 adapted Aaron Copland